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We will become a trusted Agevalve with a management philosophy faithful to the basics!

Agevalve Co., Ltd. started on January 10, 1994 as (former) Daegi Industry, and focused on independent technology development for the complete localization of design, processing, assembly, and production of all valves required for industrial facilities. It is a comprehensive valve maker that has obtained many technical verifications.

In order to achieve efficient and reasonable automation that can replace domestic market rather than export and import, and solve difficulties caused by unsuitable environment or service conditions of each on-site process rather than generalized products or functions, a unique structure and operation principle and control circuit By developing and adopting it, we have completed a product with economy and versatility that is easy to install and maintain while guaranteeing high performance.

For this purpose, Agevalve Co., Ltd. pays attention to the difficult selection and management burden required for conventional control valves to realize their own performance, and provides customers with voluntary selection and
For convenient use, we operate mainly in the form of a package that is faithful to the user's current facility environment.

Agevalve Co., Ltd. has adopted each initial as a logo from the perspective of supplying superior (Advanced), general (General) and economical (Economical) products, and promises to be faithful to this logo.




Our Product

Experience the ELECTRO HYDRAULIC ACTUATOR of Agevalve Co., Ltd. for yourself.

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