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"First Mover in the field of materials and parts based on nanotechnology"

Amogreentech was established in 2004 as a sister company of AMO Group and listed in KOSDAQ(125210) in 2019.

Amogreentech has successfully spread its business from acoustic vents film to environment equipments basis on innovated nano technology.

Amo's typical products are metallic converter, FIN heater, laminate core, thermal solutions, AMB(active metal brazing) plate and nano applications.

Especially, Amo is now trying to be a next generation eco-friendly company with water, air and energy application products.

More than 1,000 intellectual property right is our pride and this property may help to show you the future of Amogreentech.



Introducing Amogreentech's Backwashing Process.

Our Product

Experience Amogreentech's Backwashing Process firsthand.

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