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Technology that makes dreams come true Daemi Co., Ltd. is at the center of a better world.

Daemi Co., Ltd. is striving to develop eco-friendly technologies such as water-based adhesives, water-based rust preventives and scattering dust inhibitors, and produces mold release agents, polyols, chemicals, special polyurethanes, and polyurethane mats.
In addition, we are working hard to maintain a more sophisticated and luxurious quality and environment by using polyurethane as a vehicle headline and interior material specialized for drivers.

Water-based adhesive is a product that minimizes VOC generation and improves indoor air quality to minimize the occurrence of atopic dermatitis and sick house syndrome.

We are always doing our best to satisfy our customers through quality management based on ISO9001.

In addition, Daemi Co., Ltd. is a company that strives to contribute to environmental and social responsibility and economic growth.



Introducing Daemi Co., Ltd.

Our Product

Experience the water-based adhesive of Daemi Co., Ltd.



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