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Customer’s Best Valve Solution Partner, Donghae Co., Ltd.!

As a result of not sparing investment and efforts to develop technology and improve quality according to the market demand while producing knife gate valves since 2003,
For the first time in Korea and abroad, we developed a knife gate valve for water supply and an industrial soft seat slim gate valve that can be applied to water, oil, and gas lines with the external structure of the knife gate valve.

This product can be used as a substitute for gate valves that are applied throughout the industry, and the demand for it is increasing due to the upward satisfaction in performance.
It can be used up to pressure grades KS 10K and 20K, ASME 150LB and 300LB, and there is no seat leakage even at 40kgf/cm2, there is no accumulation of foreign matter under the valve diameter, and it provides smooth valve operation. In addition, it is the only fluid shutoff valve that can control the flow rate and can be applied to important lines with a Fire Safety structure.

Donghae Co., Ltd. has developed a number of special purpose valves as well as knife gate valves for water supply and industrial soft seat slim gate valves to get closer to customer needs in domestic and overseas markets.
In the future, we will not neglect such efforts and will grow into a reliable Valve Partner for our customers.



Introducing the Soft Seat Slim Gate Valve of Donghae Co., Ltd.

Our Product

Experience Donghae Co., Ltd. Soft Seat Slim Gate Valve for yourself.

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