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"A culture that goes beyond sleeping"

Gaja Corp., Ltd. is a Jeollabuk-do company established with the caravan business in 2012.

Based on our own production of caravans and mobile homes, we are expanding our business areas across all fields of camping culture by linking manufacturing and services such as campsite creation and management.

In the meantime, Gaja Corp., Ltd. has delivered Korean-style caravans and mobile homes using eco-friendly materials to many local governments and customers and received favorable reviews.

In addition, we launched the Rex Rover camper, a four-wheel-drive camper with our own technology, and are currently receiving a lot of response from customers.

We will continue to produce better products and provide services based on the best technology and trust, and lead the camping culture of Korea through ceaseless efforts.

"A culture that goes beyond sleeping"



The Khan pickup truck-based Rex Rover camper sold by Gaja is an off-road exclusive camper.

It is a unique model that cannot be found in Korea as an off-road exclusive camper based on strong durability and strong lower body.

Our Product

4 wheel drive camper optimized for off-road driving
Experience Gaja's "Rex Rover"



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