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Horyong, a company that pursues a convenient life, is a company that develops the highest quality elevated ladder trucks, high-place work vehicles for service, and industrial equipment through ceaseless R&D.

Since its foundation, we have been manufacturing lift equipment with the motto of a customer-oriented, safe and convenient life. Thank you from the bottom of my heart that I have grown this much. ​


Horyong will continue to strive to create a happier society with customers around the world by providing safe and convenient equipment through constant challenges and continuous innovation. We sincerely ask for your continued interest and affection for Horyong Co., Ltd., which aims to become one of the world's top 10 special feature companies and a company with sales of 1 trillion won. ​



Test drive of electric excavator released by Horyong

It is quiet and there is no smoke, so it is easy to work in a narrow space.

​You can work without smoke in the facility house.

Our Product

Low-noise, eco-friendly equipment that shines brighter in urban areas

Another level of work efficiency HR35e

Low noise eco-friendly electric excavator Excavator controlled by wireless remote control



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