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HSCMT Co., Ltd. will grow into one of the world's top five total measurement solution companies by creating a company that makes customers and members happy.

HSCMT Co., Ltd. is the first company in Korea to develop an ultrasonic flowmeter and is the only company in Korea that has the original technology. In addition to ultrasonic flow meters, we provide total water-related services such as ultrasonic water meters, ultrasonic calorimeters, and electromagnetic flow meters, and manufacture, manufacture, and sell related products.

In addition, through constant change and innovation, we provide creative measurement technology and eco-friendly products and services, and lead mankind to use resources efficiently and stably, thereby preserving the environment and leading the way to transform human life into more affluent values.



Introducing HSCMT's Smart Ultrasonic Water Meter.

Our Product

Experience HSCMT's Smart Ultrasonic Water Meter.

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