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"It is a company that pursues a leap forward as a first-class company and realization of human values ​​through technology integration in the environmental field."

Kumoh Industrial Co., Ltd. is located in the Ulsan Free Trade Zone, which was established for export, and specializes in manufacturing complex air purifiers to remove various indoor air quality such as airborne viruses, bacteria, and fine dust. Since the establishment of the company in 2009, we have been striving to develop and commercialize technologies in the environmental and energy fields such as thermoelectric semiconductors, electronic dehumidifiers, and high heat dissipation heat sinks. In addition, recognizing the need for sterilization technology for pathogenic infectious agents after the MERS outbreak in 2015, we completed the registration of a domestic patent for low-voltage plasma technology for sterilization and commercialization of air sterilizer products through joint technology development with the Korea Institute of Industrial Technology.



Introducing KIAS' Air Sterilizer.

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