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"Hot passion, dignified attitude!"
Leotek Co., Ltd. presents a vision through technological innovation,
We strive to create value for our customers.

We aim to make a warm, livable digital world where people and environment can coexist through IoT technology.

Leotek is leading the market as a specialized company in the smart metering system area in line with the Fourth Industrial Revolution, where the latest information and communication technologies such as Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), big data, and mobile are converged.

Since the founding in 2004, Leotek has led knowledge management and customer services based on the management philosophy of eco-friendly value and has focused on the commercialization of state-of-the-art products through the steady development of technologies and products integrated things and IT technology.
To predict unthinkable future technologies and explore new paths nobody has taken, all employees in Leotek are striving to focus on every business.

We have accumulated technologies and knowhow by performing numerous projects in local and overseas sites and product development experiences. based on this, we have focused our competence to grow as a global company that can compete with other advanced companies in the world market.
Based on the belief on the value that the happiness of employees can realize customer satisfaction, Leotek puts the welfare of employees first to realize customer value.
We promise that we will constantly evolve to be the company everybody wants to work for the most and the most trusted company for those who dream about a happy, comfortable, and kind society without discrimination and inequality through digital technologies.



Introducing Leotek.

Our Product

Experience Leotek's Remote water metering system for yourself.

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