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Hazardous chemical detection sensor Total Solution NCT.

NCT Co., Ltd. has developed a detection sensor that does not malfunction and responds accurately to leaks of very small amounts of hazardous chemicals in order to protect customers' lives, property and the environment from harmful chemicals.

Based on this, it is possible to quickly detect possible accidents and build a hazardous chemical prevention management system that can prevent accidents.

NCT, succeeded in mass production of high-sensitivity sensors that react directly to harmful chemicals using nano-based reactive materials for the first time in Korea, and have related original patents and core technology patents and certifications.

Based on long-term research and technology in the detection of hazardous chemicals and conductive materials, we have the technology and quality competitiveness to respond immediately to customer needs.

With the safety of customers as the top priority, NCT will become a company that grows together with customers with the best technology and quality that leads the market.


How to Use (VIDEO)

Introducing NCT's hazardous chemical leak detection sensor.

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