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Through green energy research

It is 'Pureechem' that creates a blue future.

Pureechem creates a green future through green energy research!

Since its establishment in December 2007, Pureechem has been steadily growing based on its expertise in the electrochemical sector and

eco-friendly technology.

As a supplier of parts and materials to the renewable energy industry, we are operating two major business divisions.

1. Energy sector – EDLC (supercapacitors)

2. Environmental sector – CDI (capacitive deionization)

We will continue to develop new technologies faster and more flexibly by strengthening our R&D functions.

will provide the highest level of satisfaction to our customers by supplying superior quality products with high-tech materials and innovative technology.

with endless challenges and creative spirit, Pureechem will grow into a global company, contribute to the local community, and become a company that satisfies all employees and customers together.


How to Use(VIDEO)

Introducing Pureechem's desalting CDI system.

Our Product

Experience Pureechem's ECOMITE PSM4/PSB4 for yourself.

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