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Leading technology for people and the environment,
reliable company Suntech Engineering Co., Ltd.

Suntech Engineering Co., Ltd. is a leading company in the field of environmental measurement and control that provides optimal solutions for the supply of clean tap water.

Based on the water quality measurement and control technology that converges cutting-edge ICT technology, we developed a real-time multi-item water quality meter, a smart tap water drinker, and an ICT convergence type automatic water supply water quality control drain device. We are leading the smart water management technology by acquiring various technical certifications such as excellent products, new products (NEP) certifications, and innovative products from the Public Procurement Service. Based on this, we are actively pioneering global markets such as the United States, China, Thailand, Taiwan, and Malaysia, and promoting Korea's excellent water management technology.



Introducing the Water Condition Auto-drain System ADS of Suntech Engineering Co., Ltd.

Our Product

Experience Suntech Engineering's Water Condition Auto-drain System ADS firsthand.

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