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Weltech Co., Ltd., which plays a pivotal role in the steel pipe industry.

Welltech Co., Ltd. was founded in 1996 with the belief to promote the development of the water and sewage industry, which is the most closely related to people's lives among domestic SOC industries.

It has been growing along with the development of the domestic SOC industry for over 20 years and is now playing a pivotal role in the steel pipe industry.
I think the driving force for our growth is thanks to the employees who put their best efforts in continuous R&D and the customers who have given us constant support.

We, Weltech Co., Ltd., will not be satisfied with the present, and will strive to invest in R&D and develop new technologies for world-class quality and technology development.
In order to expand the global market, we will spare no effort to invest in the establishment of a new overseas PIPE manufacturing plant.

In addition, for business diversification, our patented new technology in the field of construction as well as manufacturing of steel pipe.
We will do our best to provide the best construction quality to our customers by upgrading technologies such as on-site automatic piping, automatic welding, and on-site pipe rehabilitation.



Weltech Co., Ltd. is an introduction.

Our Product

Experience Welltech's Coated Fitting & Spool firsthand.

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