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"A company that challenges the world with dreams and creativity"

Changshin International Co., Ltd. is a company that manufactures drilling and drilling equipment and equipment, and is currently exporting to more than 40 countries around the world. It is possible to design and produce all modules required for drilling rig, and beyond the production and sale of finished products, we have secured corporate competitiveness differentiated from other companies such as parts replacement, consulting, and maintenance. In addition, by applying the existing DTH (Down the hole) method, we are in the process of commercialization of new product development through R&D for the development of a new advanced drilling system. As a leading company, we take pride in implementing the world's best products.



Introducing the safe and precise CSI_KR-5000 drilling machine from Changshin International.

Our Product

Experience Changshin International's CSI_ KR-5000 deep hole drilling machine.



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