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Composites, all at once.

Hankuk Carbon is the leading manufacturer of composite intermediate materials and it is the first manufacturer to commercialize carbon prepreg in Korea.

Through innovation and collaboration, Hankuk Carbon develops and produces tailored multi-material solutions for customer applications.

Leveraging our capacities helps customers to develop optimized, lightweight and engineered solutions.

Its products are widely provided globally and are applied to various industries, such as construction, shipbuilding, automotive, aviation and defense industry.

Hankuk Carbon launched the rail parts business division in April 2020 to advance into the rail industry by using the know-how in the composite industry.

Composite products have excellent mechanical properties such as weight reduction, strength, and durability.

They will take the lead of advancing rail parts as noncombustible materials like control desk panel.

Hankuk Carbon’s rail parts business division strongly intends to go into the global market by applying the strengths of composite materials in the future.


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Introducing Hankuk Carbon.

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Experience Hankuk Carbon's Control Desk Panel for yourself.

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