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The world "the Ofour" dreams of is a beautiful future in which a clean and clean life breathes.
Innovative technology towards people, that warm humanity makes 'A cleaner world with The Ofour'

Water treatment solution No1. Environmental company 'The Ofour'

Founded in 2004, The Ofour Co., Ltd. is an environment-specialized company that has contributed to the development of Korea's green industry by developing core technologies and know-how in the field of water treatment solutions with excellent human resources.

The Ofour Co., Ltd., which has continued to grow by responding to the changing environmental market through ceaseless technological innovation, was selected as an excellent environmental company by the Ministry of Environment in August 2020 and was recognized for its capabilities in the environmental industry.

The Ofour promises to do its best to fulfill its responsibilities and roles for the future of customers as well as a sustainable world, and to achieve the corporate mission of ‘Clean & Sustainable.



Introducing the sloping plate sedimentation system of The Ofour.

Our Product

Experience The Ofour's sloping plate sedimentation system.

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